Payment protection program. As an SBA Preferred Lender, we have processed just under $100 million in relief funds

Paycheck Protection Program Ended May 31, 2021

The United States Office of Capital Access has notified all lending institutions that the Paycheck Protection Program has ended, effective May 31, 2021. This includes CDFIs. Applications for PPP loans can no longer be submitted. If you have already submitted an application but have not received funds, you may send an email to request a status update.

PPP Loan borrowers should be diligent in keeping accurate payroll and accounting records to maximize their loan forgiveness amount. All eligible expenses should be tracked and recorded with accompanying documentation during the covered period to allocate funds. Consult with your tax advisor, legal counsel, accountant, and/or payroll service to assist your business when necessary. Goldenwest Credit Union will contact borrowers with additional instructions if additional information is required to process a forgiveness request.

The SBA has provided three different loan forgiveness applications for borrowers. Each applications gives borrowers the option of using the funds over 24-weeks or less.

PPP Loan borrowers must select, complete, and submit one of the applications:

Not sure which form to use? See form descriptions below:

3508 S: This is the simplest form the SBA has. If your loan is less than $150,000, you’ll likely use this form.

3508 EZ: If you’re PPP loan was more than $150,000 and salaries weren’t reduced by more than 25%.

3508 Full: This form is used if you don’t qualify to use the S or EZ forms. Your loan is more than $150,000 and the business reduced staff hours or numbers or pay during the reference period by more than 25%, or if you have more than $2 million in loans.

PPP Loan borrowers should review the instructions in the packet, and return the completed application via email to with a subject line of FORGIVENESS APPLICATION with your business name (i.e., FORGIVENESS APPLICATION Smith's Lawn Service, LLC).

Download a PDF version of the Full Forgiveness Application Packet.

Download a PDF version of the EZ Loan Forgiveness Application Packet.

Download a PDF version of the S Loan Forgiveness Application Packet.

When SBA forgives your loan, they will send the forgiveness funds to Goldenwest, and we will apply them to your loan. Once the forgiveness funds have been applied, you will have one of two things happen:

  1. Your loan is paid off in full, and nothing further is required.
  2. If there is a remaining balance, a member of the Goldenwest Credit Union team will reach out to you directly to coordinate how and when to pay the amounts back. The remaining amount can be amortized for up to 5 years at 1% interest.

In both cases, we recommend you log in to your GWCU account via online banking to see the transaction.

Please note that if you received an EIDL grant/advance, SBA holds this out of your forgiveness amount.