Kids Club Savings Account

It's never too early to teach your children how to save and spend responsibly.

One of the best ways to promote good financial habits at a young age is to open a Kids Club Savings Account at Goldenwest Credit Union and establish a regular savings plan.

By making regular deposits into a Kids Club Savings Account, children can learn how money grows as they earn interest on their funds.

  • Members ages 0-12 years-old eligible
  • Minimum to open and maintain is $5
  • Dividend earnings on balances greater than $25
  • No monthly service fee
  • Make deposits, withdrawals or transfers at any time
  • NCUA insurance
Minimum balance to open and maintain a Kids Club Savings Account is $5. A qualifying adult must be a joint member on the Kids Club Savings Account. Available to children ages 12 and under. Membership and eligibility required.