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Extra Awards

Is it time to hit the beach or do some serious shopping? Goldenwest Credit Union can help with our rewards program. Purchases made with your Goldenwest Visa Rewards credit and debit cards translate to earning points for travel, merchant gift cards or cash back.

Extra Awards gives you the freedom to choose from a large variety of travel-related services, including airlines, hotels, and car rentals. Or maybe you’re looking for merchandise. You can choose from online shopping merchants or brick-and-mortar retailers. Perhaps you’re just looking for a cash back option? We have that too.

There is no annual fee, no balance transfer fee, and no minimum purchase amount with the Goldenwest Visa Rewards Credit Card. You can apply online, over the phone or at a branch.

Redemption Options

  • Travel - access to most major airlines without restrictions.
  • Gift cards at a variety of popular merchants.
  • Cash for points.
  • Travel rebate – receive an account credit to use for travel.
  • Hotel & car rental.
  • Goldpass, FlexPass, All Access.

How to Redeem Your Extra Awards Points

Go to the Extra Awards site or contact the Awards Redemption Center at 855-854-5493. Your point balance will be verified, and your travel itinerary will be arranged, your gift cards will be mailed to you or your cash back reward will be deposited into your Goldenwest account.

Earning Points

Earn one point for every dollar spent with your Goldenwest Visa Rewards Credit Card. During certain times of the year we run special offers to earn double or triple points on purchases. Check back here often for the latest rewards promotions.

Earn one point for every four dollars spent on a signature transaction with your Goldenwest Visa Rewards Debit Card.

Program Rules

Click here for a list of program rules.