Goldenwest Credit
Union Loyalty Program

Goldenwest has set a new standard for rewarding our members - introducing Golden Rewards! Every member is provided with a Gold Account, a FREE savings account that offers a high-yield interest rate. The Gold Account can be funded in four different ways with Round Up Rewards, Visa Cash Back, Promotional Offers, and the Golden Bonus Dividend. Take advantage of this golden opportunity to earn 6.00% APY on funds in your Gold Account!

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Gold Account

6.00% APY

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Golden Bonus Dividend

Annual Bonus Dividend earned on primary and secondary share account balances

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Visa Cash Back

Opt in to deposit Cash Back with the Visa Signature and Visa Rebate Credit Cards

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Promotional Offers

Cash incentive offers on our most popular products.

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Round Up Rewards

Opt in to deposit the change rounded up to the nearest dollar on all debit card purchases

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Read our full disclosure here:
Download the Gold Account Disclosure (PDF)