Be informed of your account activity with eAlerts

Goldenwest eAlerts are electronic notifications about activity on your account. Members can opt to have eAlerts sent via email and/or text message.

You can choose to receive eAlerts for:

  • Low Balances
  • Insufficient Funds
  • Direct Deposit
  • Checks Cleared
  • Maturing CDs
  • Loan Payments Due
  • Large Transactions
  • Low Available Credit
  • Online Banking Login
  • Change of Address/Email Requests
  • And Much More!

eAlerts Are Free

There are no fees to receive eAlerts. (Standard text messaging charges from your phone carrier may apply.)

eAlerts Registration Is Easy

To activate and manage your eAlerts, you will need Online Branch access. After logging in, follow this simple enrollment process:

  • Click the Alerts tab on the top menu in the Online Branch
  • Select your desired eAlerts or click Add Alert
  • Set the desired criteria of the eAlert
  • Update your contact information
  • Click Save
  • You may add or delete eAlerts at anytime

You are invited to contact Goldenwest Member Support with questions you have about eAlerts at 801-621-4550 or 800-283-4550.