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Gold Account

Loyalty Savings Account

The Gold Account is a FREE loyalty savings account given to every member of Goldenwest Credit Union. It is designed to reward members by offering a high-yield of 6.00% APY on their savings.

The Gold Account can be funded in four different ways:

graphic of an illustrated hand holding a dollar sign

Golden Bonus Dividend

Bonus Dividend earned on primary and secondary share account balances.

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Round Up Rewards

Opt in to deposit the change rounded up to the nearest dollar on all debit card purchases.

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Visa Cash Back

Cash Back from the Visa Signature and Visa Rebate Credit Cards.

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Promotional Offers

Cash incentive offers on our most popular products.

While members are not able to add any additional funds to the Gold Account outside of these rewards, they can keep their money in the Gold Account as long as they want and earn a return well above market rates. Members can withdraw or transfer funds out at any time.

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Read our full disclosure here:
Download the Gold Account Disclosure (PDF)