At Goldenwest Credit Union, the security of your online information is important to us.

You can rest assured that nobody outside of Goldenwest Credit Union has access to your account information.

Signing on to view your account information from the Goldenwest Credit Union Home Page is safe. The moment you click the "Sign In" button, your account number and password are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, keeping your account information secure.

Security Notices

Classified Ad Fraud

Reported 7/22/2016

Goldenwest has received several reports of Classified Ad Fraud. Members are reminded to be cautious when buying or selling items online. The following red flags should be treated with extreme caution when completing a transaction:

  1. The buyer or seller claims to be out of the state or country.
  2. Buyer opts to pay with a money order or cashier’s check for more than the sale price. Generally, they will ask for the overage to be sent back through a wire or other online service.
  3. The buyer or seller asks for personal information that isn’t generally required for the type of transaction, such as SSN or Financial Account Information.
  4. Grammatical errors in the Ad.
  5. The Ad is “too good to be true.”

If you feel that someone is trying to involve you in Classified Ad Fraud or any other type of scam, you can ask a member service representative in our Contact Center by calling 1-800-283-4550.

Previous security notices:

Suspicious Phone Call

Reported 4/5/2016

Skimming Devices at ATMs

Reported 12/10/2015

Anthem Data Breach

Reported 2/4/2015

How to Report Suspicious Activity

If you have received a suspicious e-mail or other fraudulent correspondence regarding Goldenwest Credit Union, please forward it to

Goldenwest Respects Your Privacy

Goldenwest will NEVER contact you via e-mail or phone asking for confidential or sensitive information. We will never ask you for your Account Number, PIN, Social Security Number, Credit Card Number, Name, Address or Birthday via e-mail or phone. If someone is requesting such from you, it is not Goldenwest and should be considered fraudulent.