Online Bill Pay

Woman and man paying bills on their computer.

Own a business?

We will now offer business bill pay! See how the new security features will help you and your office staff conveniently manage your accounts payable process.

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Goldenwest’s free online bill pay system offers new features and functionality to serve you better. It’s a great tool to help you manage your finances in a convenient and secure manner.

Concerned your bills will arrive on time?

With the new system, you will schedule payments for the bill due date. The system will let you know the date the funds will be debited from your account in order for the bill to be paid on time...saving you from the worry and expense of late fees.

Looking for a way to pay bills with your mobile device?

One of the best features of the upgraded system is the ability to offer online bill pay via mobile. Look for Goldenwest’s mobile bill pay coming soon!

Need to reimburse a friend for lunch?

Now you can make person-to-person payments with Goldenwest’s online bill pay to any financial institution in the U.S.

Want to have your assistant handle the accounts payable process?

No need to share the business account username and password for the online branch. Goldenwest now offers online bill pay security credentials for business members.

Running out of time to shop for an upcoming birthday?

Goldenwest can help by sending a customized birthday check and message with the new online bill pay program.

As you check out the new bill pay system, you may have few questions.

You can always contact us at 801-621-4550 or 800-283-4550 for further assistance. We are happy to help you receive the greatest benefit from this valuable tool. You many also find these questions and answers helpful:

Can I customize the home screen to view my payees?

Yes. Click the OPTIONS tab, and select DEFAULT SETTINGS to customize your home screen for online bill pay. You may choose from a variety of options that best meet your needs.

Where is my bill pay history?

Click the PAYMENTS tab, and select PAYMENT HISTORY. To view history prior to June 21, 2012, go to the PAYMENT SEARCH box on the left side of the screen and scroll to the bottom of the box to find the click here button. Please note that “Pop-Ups” must be disabled in order to view payment history.

What is the time frame for scheduled payments to be processed?

Generally, your payment is received within two to seven days, depending on if it was sent electronically (ACH) or paper check.

How are online payments delivered?

Most payments are delivered electronically, also known as ACH. Payees who do not accept electronic payments will receive a paper check via the U.S. Postal Service.

How can I edit information about my payees, including nicknames?

Select the PAYEE tab on the homepage to view a complete list of your payees. Click on the EDIT option, located five columns to the right of the Payee name you wish to edit. To edit a nickname, you will need to highlight the existing text, and change the name. After making all desired edits, click the SUBMIT button.

When I log out of bill pay, will I return to the Goldenwest online branch?

No. Users who log out of bill pay will be redirected to the homepage of the Goldenwest website.

Where can I learn more about the functionality and features of the new online bill pay system?

We invite you to take a few minutes to view the member bill pay demo and review a list of frequently asked questions.

Should you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us at 801-621-4550 or 800-283-4550.