Online Banking

Goldenwest offers members free access to online banking anytime, anywhere. Login to your account to review account history, transfer funds, pay bills, view statements, make loan payments, locate surcharge-free ATMs and more.

We have just launched our new Online Branch. It offers several new features to our members. Goldenwest members can start enjoying these new features right away. If you are a Goldenwest member, you will need to register for this new service.

Here are just a few of the new features:

Improved Navigation

The most popular features are much easier to find. The clunky drop-down menus have been replaced with large, easy-to-read tabs at the top of the screen. This improved format will make it easy to quickly access the information you need with less hassle.

Organize Transactions With Notes

Add notes to your transactions to help you remember how you spent money or where funds originated from. You can label each transaction in categories such as ‘dining out' or ‘automotive'. The new budgeting and financial management tools use the categories to calculate reports about your spending habits.

Easily Page Through Your Transactions

With the new Online Branch, it is much easier to move from page to page in your list of transactions. You can move forward or backward, or jump to a specific page. This makes finding and browsing through your older transactions much faster.

Change the Sort Order

Many columns in your transaction list can be sorted to review account history exactly as you want to see it. Sort the transaction list by description, date, category, merchant or dollar amount.

The "Back" Button Works

When you used the old Online Branch and clicked on the web browser's "back" button, you likely realized that it didn't work as you expected. You can now navigate back to a previous page at any time by pressing your browser's back button.

View Transactions Across All Accounts in a Single List

Now you can view transactions across all of your accounts in a single list. For example, should you have both share savings and checking accounts, you can view all transactions from both accounts on one combined list.

New Budgeting and Financial Management Tools

Track your expenses and spending habits with our new budgeting and online financial management tools. Create a budget or let the new Online Branch create one for you based on your transaction history. Then, track your budget's progress using colorful and informative charts and graphs.

New File Download Formats

Our business members will be excited to learn we now offer a QuickBooks file download format. You can export your transaction detail from your account and import that file into your QuickBooks program. For our members who use Quicken, the new Online Branch has a Quicken file download. Here are conversion documents for current Quicken and QuickBooks users.

Reset Your Password Online

If you have forgotten your password, you no longer need to contact our Call Center to reset it. Just click on the ‘reset password' link, answer the security questions, and you'll be back into your account within a few minutes.

Improved Security Features

Protecting your personal financial information is our top priority. Our new online branch has several security features designed to protect your account from unauthorized access. We have implemented new multi-factor and out-of-band authentication procedures that will ensure only authorized users can access your account.

Security Is a Priority

At Goldenwest, security is a top priority. Each member has a unique username and password to access their information using the Online Branch. As an added security measure, Goldenwest has enhanced login procedures to ensure your personal account information is available only to you.

Getting Started

To access your account, visit our home page at Enter your username and press the "Sign In" button. If you need a username and have not registered before, click here to register.

You are invited to contact the Goldenwest Call Center with questions you have about Online Banking at 801-621-4550 or 800-283-4550. Or choose our Online Chat feature to have an online conversation with one of our member representatives.