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Golden Bonus Dividend

Each year, Goldenwest returns earnings to members through our Golden Bonus Dividend. This dividend is based on each member's engagement with the credit union. This includes deposits, transactions, loans, and insurance at Goldenwest.

The Golden Bonus Dividend for the upcoming year, distributed at the conclusion of 2024, will be deposited into each member's high-yield Gold Account. Take action now by interacting with your accounts here at Goldenwest to build up your Golden Bonus Dividend earnings.

"The Golden Bonus Dividend is a key benefit of Goldenwest membership. We are grateful for our loyal members who make it possible to continue this tradition."

- Dan Musgrave, Chairman of the Board


Membership and eligibility required. The Golden Bonus Dividend is paid on primary shares, secondary shares, Christmas Club shares, and IRA shares only. The Golden Bonus Dividend will be deposited on January 1, 2025.

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