Frequently-Asked Questions : Checks

Viewing a list of checks

  1. Select your checking account in the “Accounts” tab.
  2. Select the funnel icon next to the “Search” box.
  3. Under “Type”, select “Check.”
  4. Populate the Search Dates field to limit transactions to those that fall within the designated date range.
  5. Select a spending category to limit the transactions to those assigned to that specific category.
  6. Populate the Amount field to limit transactions for the designated amount. Select the range option to enter an amount range.
  7. Select a Credit or Debit option to limit transactions to withdrawals, deposits, or both.
  8. Enter a check number to look for a specific check transaction. Select range to search for a range of check transactions.
  9. Select the up arrow to minimize (hide) the search pane.
  10. Select Clear Filters to remove all the search criteria from the search options.
  11. Select search to filter the displayed transactions by the criteria provided in the search pane.