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Visa Debit Cards Accepted at Smith's

April 23, 2019

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On April 3rd, Smith’s grocery stores stopped accepting Visa credit cards. However Visa debit cards continue to be accepted as a form of payment at Smith’s. Members can use their Goldenwest Visa debit cards as a signature-based transaction by pushing the green button on the payment terminal. At the gas pump, members can process their Visa debit cards as a signature-based transaction by selecting “yes” when the screen asks if you are using a credit card. When you make a payment with your Goldenwest Visa debit card as a signature-based transaction, you will earn Debit Rewards points.

Goldenwest Credit Union offers instant-issue Visa debit cards at all of our branch locations. Your debit card will draw funds directly from your free Goldenwest Smart Pay Rewards Checking account.

According to research presented by Raddon, 34 percent of consumers prefer to use a credit card for grocery shopping. The primary reason for choosing a credit card as the method of payment is the opportunity to earn rewards. If you are a Smith’s shopper, and would like to continue earning rewards points, use your Goldenwest Visa debit card and remember to push the green button at the payment terminal.

And don’t forget, Goldenwest is updating the Debit Rewards program to bring more value and stronger rewards to our members. Beginning May 1st, Debit Rewards points will convert to the ExtraAwards program. If you have existing Debit Rewards points, the balance will transfer over to the new program. Even better, if you earn ExtraAwards points with the Goldenwest Visa Rewards credit card, your points will be merged. With the new ExtraAwards program for debit card purchases, members will continue to earn one point for every $4 spent on signature-based transactions.

If you have questions about using your Goldenwest Visa debit card at Smith’s, call our Member Contact Center at 800-283-4550 or visit any branch location.


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