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7 Tips To Be A Pro Roadtripper

August 6, 2019

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Summertime brings out the adventure in many of us. It’s the time for family bonding and seeing new things. What better way to achieve both of those than with a road trip? Getting out to see the great American landscape can be a fantastic trip for anyone. In case you are a road trip newbie, we have put together 7 tips for you to help you get started on your next adventure.

1. Pre-trip your vehicle
Me sure your vehicle is in good condition to take a long road trip. You will want to check all fluid levels, brakes, and tires. Check that you have necessary tools such as jumper cables, spare tire, and an emergency kit. Taking your car into the shop for a professional check-up may be a good idea.

2. Don’t make great time, have a good time
Road tripping is not a time for fast and the furious. On a good road trip, the journey is just as important as the destination. Here are some ideas to help you and those you travel with enjoy the journey:

• Really stretch those legs – Rather than just getting out of the car for a quick 5 minute break, plan strategic stops with places to see and things to do. Go on a short hike or explore a new town.
• Get off the highways when possible – Often times, the back roads are the best scenic highway.
• Say yes more often – If you are traveling with children it is important to indulge them in some of their random requests. Who knows, you might find the best ice cream shop you’ve ever been to by saying yes.

3. Stay calm and drive on
Whether your road trip will take a few hours or a few days, there will be some aspects that you did not plan on or cannot control. There will be a crazy driver, you might have unexpected traffic, and you will probably realize you forgot something. Don’t let those things impact your experience of a great road trip. Having a loose plan will help in these situations. Overscheduling your trip will add on more potential for things to go not according to plan. Not having a plan at all will lead to some missteps along the way.

4. Keep your vehicle clean
You will want to clean your vehicle before hitting the roads, thus eliminating the chance of getting you’re business receipt you need for reimbursement mixed up with travel items and garbage. Along the way, take a few minutes at rest stops to throw away candy and gum wrappers.

5. Don’t rely on electronics
Electronics have their place on a road trip, but don’t rely on them to get you through hours and days of driving. Road tripping is a great time for some family bonding, but you can’t do that when everyone is staring at a screen and wearing headphones. Instead, find some road friendly games such as I spy, the alphabet game, 20 questions, hangman, etc. That being said, download music, podcasts, and movies.

6. Snack smart
Mmmm… the road munchies. Many people have their in-car-go-to snack. However, going overboard on junk food can be a bad idea once you get to your destination feeling like the junk you just ate. An overload of candy will also litter your car with wrappers, while chocolate and other sticky substances will make a whole other mess. Not to mention all the extra liquids that will cause a few too many bathroom stops. Pro tip: snack on grapes or other fruit that will satisfy as a snack and a liquid, which will also prevent extra bathroom stops.

7. Have your documents and a clean record
Save yourself a lot of trouble and hassle by making sure you have your current insurance card in your vehicle and that you have taken care of any old traffic or parking tickets.


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