Kids Club Savings Accounts

Kids Club

Financial Literacy For Youth

It's never too early to teach your children how to save and spend responsibly. One of the best ways to promote good financial habits at a young age is to open a Kids Club Savings Account at Goldenwest Credit Union and establish a regular savings plan.

Kids Club Savings Accounts

Goldenwest recommends that parents teach their children to pay themselves first. By making regular deposits into a Kids Club Savings Account, children can learn how money grows as they earn interest on their funds.

Coloring Contests

Each quarter a new coloring page is posted on this page. Children can bring their colored pictures into any Goldenwest branch. Contest winners will receive a deposit of $25.00 into their Kids Club Savings Accounts.

Open A Kids Club Account, Take Home "Dollar"

For a limited time, Goldenwest is giving new Kids Club members an adorable stuffed animal named "Dollar". This custom-designed puppy includes a dog-collar and tag with the Goldenwest logo. When you help your child open their Kids Club Savings Account, you can give them "Dollar" as a reminder of their membership with Goldenwest Credit Union.

Other information

  • Members ages 0-12 years-old eligible
  • Minimum to open and maintain is $5
  • Dividend earnings on balances greater than $25
  • No monthly service fee
  • Make deposits, withdrawals or transfers at any time
  • NCUA insurance