Terms and Conditions

Dear Credit Union Member:

This page contains the rules, which govern your account(s) with us. Please read this page carefully. If you sign your signature card or continue to have an account with us, you agree to these rules, our by-laws, and any by-law amendments. You agree to pay the fees we charge and you give us the right to collect any fees, as earned, directly from the account balance. You will receive separate schedule of rates, qualifying balances, and fees if they are not included in this page. If you have any questions, please call us.

This agreement is subject to applicable federal laws and the laws of the state of Utah (except to the extent that this agreement can and does vary such rules or laws). To the extent permitted by applicable law, you agree that any legal action regarding this agreement shall be brought in the county in which the Credit Union is located. The body of state and federal law that governs our relationship with you, however, is too large and complex to be reproduced here.

The purpose of this page is to:

1. summarize the existing rules applicable to the more common transactions;

2. establish rules to govern transactions or events which the law does not regulate;

3. establish rules for certain events or transactions which the law already regulates but permits variation by agreement; and

4. give you our funds availability, electronic fund transfers and/or truth-in-savings policy disclosures.

We may permit some variations from this standard agreement, but any variations must be agreed to in writing either on our signature card for the account or in some other written form.

As used in this page the words "we," "our," and "us" mean the credit union and the words "you" and "your" mean the owner(s) of this account and any "agent" appointed by or on behalf of the owner(s) to sign on the account in a representative capacity.

LIABILITY- Each of you agrees for yourself (and the person or entity you represent if you sign as a representative of another) to the terms of this account and the schedule of charges that we impose. You authorize us to deduct these charges as accrued directly from the account balance. You also agree to pay additional reasonable charges we may impose for services you request which are not covered by this agreement. Each of you also agrees to be jointly and individually liable for any account deficit resulting from charges or overdrafts, whether caused by you or another authorized to withdraw from this account, and our costs to collect the deficit including, to the extent permitted by law, our reasonable attorneys' fees. You agree that at our option we may suspend your membership rights if you violate the terms of this agreement.

DEPOSITS- Any items, other than cash, accepted for deposit (including items drawn "on us") will be given provisional credit only until collection is final (and actual credit for deposits of, or payable in, foreign currency will be at the exchange rate in effect on final collection in U.S. dollars). We are not responsible for transactions initiated by mail or outside depository until we actually record them. All transactions received after our "daily cut-off time" on a business day we are open, or received on a day in which we are not open for business, will be treated and recorded as if initiated on the next following business day that we are open. If this account earns dividends, we are prohibited by law from guaranteeing the payment of dividends or that dividends we do pay will be at the contracted rate. We must base our dividend payments to you upon the money we actually earn and that is available for distribution at the end of a dividend period. Unless otherwise agreed, you waive the right to receive any original item after it is paid.

WITHDRAWALS- Unless otherwise clearly indicated to the contrary, any one of you who signs in the space designated for signatures on the signature card, including any agents, may withdraw or transfer al or any part of the account balance at any time on forms approved by us. Each of you (until we receive written notice to the contrary authorizes each other person signing on the signature card to endorse any item payable to you or your order for deposit to this account or any other transaction with us. We may charge against your account a check, even though payment was made before the date of the check, unless you have given us written notice of the postdating. The fact that we may honor withdrawal requests, which overdraw the finally collected account balance, does not obligate us to do so, unless required by law. Withdrawals will first be made from collected funds, and we may, unless prohibited by law or our written policy, refuse any withdrawal request against uncollected funds, even if our general practice it to contrary. We reserve the right to refuse any withdrawal or transfer request which is attempted by any method not specifically permitted, which is for an amount less than any minimum withdrawal requirement, or which exceeds any frequency limitation. Even if we honor a nonconforming request, repeated abuse of the stated limitations (if any) may eventually force us to close this account. We will use the date a transaction is completed by us (as opposed to the day you initiate it) to apply the frequency limitations. We reserve the right to require you to notify us of your intention to withdraw shares or deposits from this account as explained our by-laws. Withdrawals from a time deposit prior to maturity or prior to the expiration of any notice period may be subject to penalty. See your notice of penalties for early withdrawal.

OWNERSHIP OF ACCOUNT AND BENEFICIARY DESIGNATION- These rules apply to this account depending on the form of ownership and beneficiary designation, if any, specified on the account records. We reserve the right to refuse some forms of ownership on any or all of our accounts. Individual Account- is owned by one person. Joint Account- With Survivorship (And Not As Tenants In Common)- is owned by two or more persons. Each of you intends to that upon your death the balance in the account will belong to the survivor(s). If two or more of you survive, you will own the balance in the account as joint tenants with survivorship and not as tenants in common. Revocable Trust or Pay-On-Death Account- If two or more of you create such an account; you own the account jointly with survivorship. Beneficiaries acquire the right to withdraw only if: (1) all persons creating the account die, and (2) the beneficiary is then living. If two or more beneficiaries are named and survive the death of all persons creating the account, such beneficiaries will own this account in equal shares, without right to survivorship. The person(s) creating either of these account types reserves the right to: (1) change beneficiaries, (2) change account types, and (3) withdraw all or part of the deposit at any time. Corporate, Partnership, and other Organizational Accounts- We will usually require a separate authorization form designating the person permitted to withdraw and the conditions required for withdrawal from any account in the name of a legal entity such as a partnership, corporation, or other organization. We will honor the authorization according to its terms until it is amended or terminated in writing by the governing body of the organization.

ACCOUNTS FOR MINORS- We reserve the right to require any account established by a minor to be multiple party account with an owner who has reached the age of majority under Utah law who shall be jointly and severally liable to the Credit Union for any returned item, overdraft, or unpaid charges or amounts on such accounts. Unless a parent or guardian is a joint owner, the parent or guardian shall not have any right to access the account. We may make payments of funds directly to the minor without regard to his or her age. We have no duty to inquire the purpose of nay transaction by the minor. We shall not change the status of the account after the minor has reached the age of majority unless authorized in writing by all account owners.

PLEDGES- Unless you tell us differently in writing, each owner of this account may pledge all or any part of the funds in it for any purpose to which we agree. Any pledge of this account must first be satisfied before the rights of any joint account survivor, pay-on-death beneficiary, or trust account beneficiary becomes effective. For example, if one joint tenant pledges the deposit evidenced by this agreement for a debt (i.e. uses it to secure a debt) and then dies, (1) the surviving joint tenant's rights in this account do not take effect until the debt has been satisfied and (2) the debt may be satisfied with the funds in this account.

STOP-PAYMENTS- A stop-payment order must be given in the manner required by law, must be received in time to give us a reasonable opportunity to act on it, and must precisely identify the number, date and amount of the item, and the payee. Our stop-payment cut-off time is one hour after the opening of the next banking day after the banking day on which we receive the item. Additional limitations on our obligation to stop payment are provided by law. We will honor a stop-payment request by the person who signed the particular item, and, by any other person, even though such other person did not sign them, if such other person has an equal or greater right to withdraw from this account than the person who signed the item in question. A release of the stop-payment request may be made only by the person who initiated the stop-payment.

TELEPHONE TRANSFERS- A telephone transfer of funds from this account to another account with us, if otherwise permitted or arranged for, may be made by the same persons and under the same conditions generally applicable to withdrawals made in writing. We restrict the number of transfers from a savings account to another account, or third parties, to a maximum of six per month (less the number of certain "preauthorized transfers" during the month). Other account transfer restrictions are described elsewhere in this page.

AMENDMENTS AND TERMINATION- We may change our by-laws and any term of this agreement. Rules governing changes in interest or dividend rates have been provided separately. For other changes we will give you reasonable notice in writing or by any other method permitted by law. We reserve the right to close this account if your membership in this credit union terminates. You agree to keep us informed about your current address at all times. Notice from us to any one of you is notice to all of you.

STATEMENTS- You must examine your statement of account with "reasonable promptness." If you discover (or reasonably should have discovered) any unauthorized payments or alterations, you must promptly notify us of the relevant facts. If you fail to do either of these duties, you will have to either share the loss with us, or bear the loss entirely yourself (depending on whether we exercised ordinary care and, if not, whether we substantially contributed to the loss). The loss could be not only with respect to items on the statement but other items forged or altered by the same wrongdoer. You agree that the time you have to examine your statement and report to us will depend on the circumstances, but that such time will not, in any circumstance, exceed a total of 30 days from when the statement is first made available to you.

You further agree that if you fail to report any unauthorized signatures, alterations, forgeries or any other errors in your account within 60 days of when we make the statement available, you cannot assert a claim against us on any items in that statement, and the loss will be entirely yours. This 60 day limitation is without regard to whether we exercised ordinary care. The limitation in this paragraph is in addition to that contained in the first paragraph of this section.

ACCOUNT TRANSFER- This account may not be transferred or assigned without our prior written consent.

DIRECT DEPOSITS- If, in connection with a direct deposit plan, we deposit any amount in this account which should have been returned to the Federal Government for any reason, you authorize us to deduct the amount of our liability to the Federal Government from this account or from an other account you have with us, without prior notice and at any time, except as prohibited by law. We may also use any other legal remedy to recover the amount of our liability.

RESTRICTIVE LEGENDS- We are not required to honor any restrictive legend on items you write unless we have agreed to the restriction in a writing signed by an officer of the credit union. Examples of restrictive legends are "must be presented within 90 days" or "not valid for more than $1,000.00."

FACSIMILE SIGNATURES- You authorize us, at any time, to charge you for all checks, drafts, or other orders, for the payment of money, that are drawn on us regardless of by whom or by what means the facsimile signature(s) may have been affixed so long as they resemble the facsimile signature specimen on the signature card or that are filed separately with us, and contain the required number of signatures for this purpose.

RIGHT TO REPAYMENT OF INDEBTEDNESS- You each agree that we may (without prior notice and when permitted by law) charge against and deduct from this account any due and payable debt owed to us now or in the future, by any of you having the right of withdrawal, to the extent of such persons' or legal entity's right to withdraw. If the debt arises from a note, "any due and payable debt" includes the total amount of which we are entitled to demand payment under the terms of the note at the time we charge the account, including any balance the due date for which we properly accelerate under the note.

Our right to repayment does not apply to this account if: (a) it is an Individual Retirement Account or other tax-deferred retirement account, or (b) the debt is created by a consumer credit transaction under a credit card plan, or (c) the debtor's right or withdrawal arises only in a representative capacity. We will not be liable for the dishonor of any check or draft when the dishonor occurs because we charge and deduct an amount you owe us for your account. You agree to hold us harmless from any claim arising as a result of our exercise of our right to repayment.

AGENTS- An agent is someone who you authorize to have access to this account on your behalf. (We, however, have no duty or agreement whatsoever to monitor or insure that the acts of the agent are for your benefit.) This may be done by allowing your agent to sign on the space as an authorized signer on the signature card, or by separate form (such as a power of attorney). An agent is not an owner of the account. We will allow agents to be appointed only on individual accounts unless each owner of a joint account has executed a separate power of attorney naming an agent. We may refuse to accept an agent, or an agency account.


1. Funds Transfers. The credit union provides funds transfer service. These services include wire transfers, automatic clearinghouse (ACH) credits and transfers between accounts. Funds transfers are defined in Article 4A of the Uniform Commercial Code and Subpart B of Regulation J of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

2. Processing Time. The credit union may establish or change cut-off times for the receipt and processing of funds transfer requests, amendments, or cancellations. Unless other times are posted for the various types of funds transfers, the cut-off time will be at 2:00 P.M. on each weekday that the credit union is open which is not a holiday. Payment orders, cancellations or amendments received after the applicable cut-off time may be treated as having been received on the next following funds transfer business day and processed accordingly.

3. Initiation of Transfers. The credit union may charge your account for the amount of any funds transfer initiated by you or by any person authorized by you as a joint tenant or other authorized party with the right of access to the account from which the funds transfer is to be made.

4. Security Procedures. The credit union may establish, from time to time, security procedures to verify the authenticity of a payment order. You will be notified of the security procedure, if any to be used to verify payment orders issued by you or for which your account will be liable. You agree that the authenticity of payment orders may be verified using that security procedure unless you notify the credit union in writing that you do not agree to that security procedure. In that event, the credit union shall have no obligation to accept any payment order from you or other authorized parties on the account until you and the credit union agree in writing, on an alternate security procedure.

5. Use of Fedwire. If you send or receive a wire transfer, Fedwire may be used. Regulation J is the law covering all Fedwire transactions. This means that your rights and liabilities in a wire transfer involving Fedwire will be governed by Regulation J.

6. Identification of Transfers. If you give the credit union a payment order which identifies the beneficiary (recipient of the funds) by both name and identifying account number, payment may be made by the beneficiary's bank on the basis of the identifying bank account number, even if the number identifies a person different than the named beneficiary. This means that you will be responsible to the credit union if the funds transfer is completed on the basis of the identification number you provided the credit union.

7. Identification of Bank. If you give the credit union a payment order which identifies an intermediary or beneficiary's bank by both name and an identifying number, a receiving bank may rely on the number as the proper identification even if it identifies a different person than the named bank. This means that you will be responsible for any loss or expenses incurred by a receiving bank, which executes of attempts to execute the payment order in reliance on the identifying number you, provided.

8. ACH Payments. The credit union may give you credit for automated clearinghouse (ACH) payments before it receives final settlement of the funds transfer. Any such credit is provisional until the credit union receives final settlement of the payment. You are hereby notified and agree, if the credit union does not receive such final settlement, that it is entitled to a refund from you of the amount credited to you in connection with the ACH entry. This means that the credit union may provide you with access to ACH funds before the credit union actually receives the money. However, if the credit union does not receive the money, then the credit union may reverse the entry on your account and you would be liable to pay the credit union.

9. ACH Rules. ACH transactions are governed by operating rules of the National Automated Clearing House Association. In accordance with these rules, the credit union will not provide you with next day notice of receipt of ACH credit transfers to your account. You will continue to receive notices of receipt of ACH items in the periodic account statements, which we provide.

10. Receipt of Funds Transfer. If the credit union received a funds transfer for you or for other persons authorized to have access to your account, you agree that the credit union is not obligated to provide you with next day notice of the receipt of the funds transfer. The credit union will provide you with notification of the receipt of all funds transfers by including such items in the periodic account statements, which we provide. You may, of course, inquire between receipt of periodic statements whether or not a specific funds transfer has been received.

11. Payment of Interest. If the credit union becomes obligated under Article 4A to pay interest to you, you agree that the rate of interest to be paid shall be equal to the account at the credit union to which the funds transfer should have been made or from which the funds transfer was made.

If you have any questions regarding this Agreement and Notice, please ask your credit union personnel.